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The Inner Child Healing Oracle Deck is a self-guided healing journey  of 55 steps  with living illustrations to help you connect with your vulnerable, joyful, and creative child within.

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Kylie Dang came to me with her vision for a deck of card that helps people find and heal their inner child on their own before seeking help from a therapist. It is a step by step guide and exercise for those who want to work in their own time.


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“If you want to know the past, look at your present. If you want to know the future, look at your present.”
                                                         _____Gautama Buddha

02 Tarot Card Mock-Up.jpg

For each card, the research and ideations held the most important role. I pulled from my reservoir of animation production knowledge, Tibetan Buddhism practices, symbolism/archetypes of world cultures, and storytelling moments from different sources, including Kylie's and my life experience.


Playful and happy cards flowed out easily onto the canvas, while cards that dealt with difficult emotions required more space and solitude to be honestly depicted.

The idea of letting the past dictating one's future was never appealing to me. Therefore I felt much resistance toward working with my inner child. However, I realize that it is not the case here. Through this practice, I no longer delve on the pain of the experience, push it aside, or suppress it but seek greater perspective and release myself from wrong views that kept me trapped.


I truly believe that anyone who cares about their current and future growth in life and in spiritual path can take advantages of this deck.


Some people told me about visual elements in the cards that resonate with them at a deeper level than I intended. It is an unexpected outcome, yet I sincerely wish these illustrations will speak to your heart in the wildest, most surprising ways. We can't wait to hear about your healing journey with it!

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