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Kylie Dang came to me with her vision for a deck of card that helps people find and heal their inner child on their own before seeking help from a therapist. It is a step by step guide and exercise for those who want to work in their own time.


Her pure intention of benefiting many had moved me to accept the position of the deck's illustrator. Little did I know through working with Kylie, I slowly discover the tools to reflect on my own journey of coming home to my inner child.

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“If you want to know the past, look at your present. If you want to know the future, look at your present.”
                                                         _____Gautama Buddha

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The idea of letting the past dictating one's future was never appealing to me. Therefore I felt much resistance toward working with my inner child. However, I realize that it is not the case here. Through this practice, I no longer delve on the pain of the experience, push it aside, or suppress it but seek greater perspective and release myself from wrong views that kept me trapped.


I truly believe that anyone who cares about their current and future growth in life and in spiritual path can take advantages of this deck.

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Our adventure started at the beginning of 2021. However, in order to complete the vision we set out to do, we need your support. If you resonate with this project, please consider following us and letting us know how we can improve our work to better serve those who are in need. 

The Deck will be on Kickstarter in March of 2022