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About Rubi

Rubi was born in Vietnam, has led a somewhat nomad life on four continents in her first 18 years of existence. She currently lives in Kansas City, Missouri.

Drawings was her best friend throughout all the years in Vietnam and abroad though she had other friends too. Rubi became a working architect like planned until she found out that people get paid to do concept art. Thanks to the internet and books, Rubi has been learning non-stop and felt grateful every day to work in this wonderful industry. 

While she is determined on mastering everything she can about the world of concept art, Rubi's work focuses mostly on fantasy architectural design. She set out to creating exhilarating worlds and stories, studying and being inspired by the best, and giving back to the society whenever she can.  

Curriculum Vitae

Magical Game Studio

Mar 2018 - Present  Concept Artist and Illustrator

Gang Fight! Game Studio

Jan 2019  Concept Artist and Illustrator


2016 - 2017  Architectural Intern


2015- 2016  Architectural Intern

Kieran Timberlake

Mar 2015     Architectural Intern

Drury University

2011- 2016  Master of Architecture 


Grants & Awards 

2016 -  National Architectural Accrediting Board's  Henry              Adams Medal 

2016 -  Founders Award for Design Excellence_ The                      Hammons School of Architecture

2015 -  First Place Award at AIA Central States Student                  Design Competition

2014 - American Institute of Architects scholarship 

2013-  First Place in Marvin Window’s competition of                     Designing Train Station Ripley, TN


2011 - Auckland International College Art Gallery